Meaning of ability in Swahili

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    What is the meaning of ability?

    In English ability means ["The quality of being able to do something", "A particular talent or skill", "The power to choose or decide something"].

    What is Ability in Swahili?

    Ability in Swahili is akili, pl akili. In Swahili akili, pl akili. is used as a noun.

    Other Meaning(s)

    Another meaning of the word ability in Swahili is kipawa (7/8), pl vipawa. when used as a noun.

    More examples and usage

    Word/Phrase Translation Usage(Part of Speech)
    ability mzungu, pl mizungu. noun
    nguvu (9/10), pl nguvu. noun
    uhodari. noun
    ustadi. noun
    uweza. noun
    uwezo. noun
    weledi. noun

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